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75 Ohm RG Coaxial Cables

The RG cables listed cover the majority of high frequency data and signal transmission requirements.

Other types can be supplied on request as can armoured versions or alternative sheath colours. Twin and multicore versions are available in some types.

Sheath, Insulation and Shield Codes

FEP:Fluorinated Ethylene PropyleneTFE:TetraFluoroEthylene
FPE:Foamed PolyethylenePEAS:Polyethylene Air Spaced
LDPE:Low Density PolyethylenePVC:Polyvinyl Chloride
PTFE:PolyTetraFluoroEthylenePEC:Polyethylene Cellular
PESS:Polyethylene Semi SolidGFB:Glass Fibre Braid
TCWB:Tinned Copper Wire BraidSPCWB:Silver Plated Copper Wire Braid
PCWB:Plain Copper Wire BraidAFS:Aluminium Foil Screen
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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsShieldDielectricOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
390006-CRG6 Type75AFS TCWBFoamed PEPVC47.006.8
390006-CHRG6 Type75AFS TCWBFoamed PELSHF47.006.8
390006QRG6 Quad Shield75AFS AWB AFS AWBFoamed PEPVC49.007.6
390006QHRG6 Quad Shield75AFS AWB AFS AWBFoamed PELSHF49.007.6
390059RG59 B/U75PCWBPEPVC60.006.1
390059ARG59 B/U75PCWBPESWA-PE195.0010.3
390059DRG59 B/U75PCWBPEPE-DUCT93.007.9
390059HRG59 B/U75PCWBPELSHF60.006.1
390059LRG59 B/U75PCWBPELSF60.006.1
390059MBRG59 Mini75TCWBPEPVC16.003.6
390059MBHRG59 Mini75TCWBPELSHF16.003.6
390059MWRG59 Mini75TCWBPEPVC16.003.6
390059MWHRG59 Mini75TCWBPELSHF16.003.6
390216HRG216752 x PCWBPELSHF169.0010.8
390216RG216752 x PCWBPEPVC169.0010.8
390179Y-SRG179 Stranded75TCWBPEPVC12.002.6
390179RG179 B/U75SPCWBPTFEFEP15.002.5
390179H-SRG179 Stranded75TCWBPELSHF12.002.6
390011RG11 A/U75PCWBPEPVC149.0010.3
390011ARG11 A/U75PCWBPESWA-PE380.0015.7
390011HRG11 A/U75PCWBPELSHF149.0010.3
390006HD-SDI75AFS TCWBFoamed PEPVC53.007.0
390006HHD-SDI75TCWBFoamed PELSHF47.007.0

RG Coaxial cables are part of the TruSecurity cabling range.
Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.

390006Q & 390006QH HD CCTV&RF Transmission cables are part of the TruVision cabling range.
Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.