TZC Coaxial Cable

TZC coax is to a very similar standard to the BT3002 and is available in both single and multicore options from stock.

The cable is designed for Ericsson systems.

Sheath, Insulation and Shield Codes

FEP:Fluorinated Ethylene PropyleneTFE:TetraFluoroEthylene
FPE:Foamed PolyethylenePEAS:Polyethylene Air Spaced
LDPE:Low Density PolyethylenePVC:Polyvinyl Chloride
PTFE:PolyTetraFluoroEthylenePEC:Polyethylene Cellular
PESS:Polyethylene Semi SolidGFB:Glass Fibre Braid
TCWB:Tinned Copper Wire BraidSPCWB:Silver Plated Copper Wire Braid
PCWB:Plain Copper Wire BraidAFS:Aluminium Foil Screen
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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsShieldDielectricOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
TZC75024TZC752 x TCWBPEPVC24.003.5
TZC7502408TZC752 x TCWBPEPVC219.0014.5
TZC7502408DTZC752 x TCWBPELDPE402.0019.0
TZC7502408HTZC752 x TCWBPELSHF221.0014.5
TZC7502416TZC752 x TCWBPEPVC394.0019.1
TZC7502416HTZC752 x TCWBPELSHF394.0019.1