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Cat 5E HDBaseT Recommended Cable

These Cat 5E cables have been tested and recommended by the HDBaseT Alliance making it the ideal choice for high speed data networks across a home or building. The HDBaseT standard allows distribution of HD video, audio, ethernet, power and control across a single cable.

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CodeDescriptionColourWeight Kg/KmSheath MaterialO/D mmPacked On
C5T00HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPBlack40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T01HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPBlue40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T03HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPRed40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T04HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPWhite40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T05HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPGrey40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T06HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPViolet40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T07HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPPink40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T08HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPOrange40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T09HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPYellow40PVC5.2305m Box
C5T10HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPGreen40PVC5.2305m Box
C5TF01HDBaseT Cat 5E F/UTPBlue44PVC6.2305m Box
C5TFH01HDBaseT Cat 5E F/UTPBlue44LSHF6.2305m Box
C5TH00HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPBlack40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH01HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPBlue40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH03HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPRed40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH04HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPWhite40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH05HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPGrey40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH06HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPViolet40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH07HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPPink40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH08HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPOrange40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH09HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPYellow40LSHF5.2305m Box
C5TH10HDBaseT Cat 5E UTPGreen40LSHF5.2305m Box
Cat 5E HDBaseT certified cables are part of the TruHD cabling range.

Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.