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Cat 6 HDBaseT Recommended Cable

These Cat 6 cables have been tested and recommended by the HDBaseT Alliance making it the ideal choice for high speed data networks across a home or building. The HDBaseT standard allows distribution of HD video, audio, ethernet, power and control across a single cable.

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CodeDescriptionColourWeight Kg/KmSheath MaterialO/D mmPacked On
C6T00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPBlack46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T01HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPBlue46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T03HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPRed46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T04HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPWhite46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T05HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPGrey46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T06HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPViolet46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T07HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPPink46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T08HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPOrange46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T09HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPYellow46PVC6.2305m Box
C6T10HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPGreen46PVC6.2305m Box
C6TF01HDBaseT Cat 6 F/UTPBlue58PVC7.2305m Box
C6TFH01HDBaseT Cat 6 F/UTPBlue58LSHF7.2305m Box
C6TH00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPBlack46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH01HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPBlue46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH03HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPRed46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH04HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPWhite46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH06HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPViolet46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH07HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPPink46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH08HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPOrange46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH09HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPYellow46LSHF6.2305m Box
C6TH10HDBaseT Cat 6 UTPGreen46LSHF6.2305m Box
Cat 6 HDBaseT certified cables are part of the TruHD cabling range.

Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.