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Access Control Cables

Specifically designed for proprietary access control systems, these cables are widely used in public buildings including hospitals, government and local authority offices as well as commercial and retail organisations where security and safety are important.

The Low Smoke Halogen Free versions ensure minimum risk in the event of fire to both property and personnel.

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Part No.Alt. to BeldenNo. of CoresNo. of PairsAWGScreen TypeWeight KG/KMSheath MaterialO/D mmProtocol
1806COFRBelden 5304FE6 18(7)CAT79.00PVC5.5 
2202PIFRHBelden 8723NH 222(7)IAT32.00LSHF4.2 
2202PIFRHBA05Belden 8723NH 222(7)IAT32.00LSHF4.2 
2202PIFRLBelden 8723 222(7)IAT32.00LSF4.2 
2203PIFRHBelden 8777NH 322(7)IAT70.00LSHF7.0RS422
2402POHPHBelden 9842 224(7)CFS-TCWB95.00LSHF8.6RS485
2802PODGH8132NH 228CFS-TCWB45.00LSHF5.6RS485
2803PODGH8133NH 328CFS-TCWB52.00LSHF6.8RS485

Access control and door release cables are also available from stock in PVC versions either in standard pack sizes or cut to length from bulk drums.

Access control cables are part of the TruSecurity cabling range.
Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.