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Composite Access Control Cables

Specifically designed for proprietary access control systems, these cables are widely used in public buildings including hospitals, government and local authority offices as well as commercial and retail organisations where security and safety are important.

The Low Smoke Halogen Free versions ensure minimum risk in the event of fire to both property and personnel.

Construction - Pairs

Pair 1

1 twisted pair 20(7)AWG tinned copper strands, foam PE insulation, 20(7)AWG tinned copper drain wire, aluminium/polyester foil. Colour  code: Black/green.

Pairs 2 & 3

2 twisted pairs 22(7)AWG tinned copper strands, foam PE insulation, 22(7)AWG tinned copper drain wire, each individual pair aluminium/polyester foil screened. Pair colour code: Black/red & black/white.

Construction - Cores & Sheath


9 single cores 22(7)AWG tinned copper wire strands, solid polypropylene insulation. Colour code: Black, white, red, green, brown, blue, orange, yellow, purple. Overall Screen: aluminium/polyester foil, 22(7)AWG tinned copper drain wire.


Low Smoke Halogen Free, purple.

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Composite Access Control