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CW1600 LSHF Limited Fire Hazard Telephone Cable

This cable is similar in design and application to CW1308 but with the addition of an aluminium foil screen and Low Smoke Halogen Free cores and sheath.

Used for the internal wiring of buildings where the need to protect people and equipment from smoke and fumes is paramount. CW1600 has the added advantage of an aluminium/polyester foil screen and drain wire.

A fire barrier tape is included on cable with more than 6 pairs. A rip cord is located directly under the jacket to make stripping the outer sheath easier.

Technical Information

Conductor Diameter:

Max. Conductor Resistance:

Max. Capacitance Unbalanced:

Working Temperature:

Minimum Bending Radius:

Oxygen Index:

HCl Emissions to:

0.5mm, Earth 1.38mm

97.8 Ohm/km, 12.4 Ohm/km


0°C to +70°C

8 x cable diameter


BT M234


Solid copper conductor, colour coded Low Smoke Halogen Free insulation. Twisted into pairs, screened with an aluminium/polyester tape in contact with solid copper drain wire, fire barrier tape on cables with more than 6 pairs, Low Smoke Halogen Free sheath. 

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Part No.No. of PairsWeight kg/kmO/D mm

Cables ending with E include a 1.38mm Earth core.

Colour codes to BT Standards.

All sizes are normally available from stock. Armoured versions can be produced to order for quantities as low as 100m.