EZ-RJ45 Connectors & Tools for Cat 5E & Cat 6 Cables

Posted 27 September 2019

Tags: Cat 6 Connectors Cat 5E Tools

FS Cables now stock a range of EZ-RJ45® connectors & tools for terminating our Cat 5E & Cat 6 cables.

The EZ-RJ45 connectors are quicker and easier to use than the conventional method and offer the best connection possible. The connector ensures a better contact is made with the cable jacket, while maintaining the cables twist rate.

With the use of the strain relief connectors, the EZ-RJ45 connectors will be locked into place, reducing any damage from over-bending of the cable. 

The EZ-RJPRO™ HD crimp tool has been designed specifically for use with RJ45 connectors and along with the jacket stripper, these offer the perfect solution to achieve the consistent termination results you are looking for, every time.

Simply strip the cable, insert the cores into the connector, pull the connector over the cable jacket and crimp down.

See how easy it is for yourself in our short video.