Draka OM3 50/125 Tight Buffered Duplex Fibre Optic Cable

Code: F1458

  • Bendbright technology
  • Enhanced bending performance while maintaining performance
  • Reduced installation and labour costs
  • High speed data transmission
Duplex fibre optic cable is manufactured by world leaders Prysmian Draka. Offered in OM3 Multi-mode tight buffered, this cable uses BendBright™ technology, allowing performance levels to be maintained even when exposed to tight bends or if put under pressure.

Featuring a zip-cord for easy installation and termination, this lightweight cable is ideal for use in patch panels. The Duplex fibre cable can also be used for short distance data, control and video transmission to the home.

This cable is LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) throughout and its outer sheath is flame resistant - excellent for installations in public buildings where the safety of people and equipment is paramount. 

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.
Fibre Size/m²: 50/125
Fibre Grade: OM3
Fibre Mode: Multimode
Bandwidth MHz/km @850nm: 1500
Bandwidth MHz/km @1300nm: 500

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Code Description No. Cores Colour Sheath Fibre Grade Downloads
2 x 50/125 OM3 Tight Buffered Duplex Zip Cord Fibre Optic Cable Aqua LSHF
2 Aqua LSHF OM3 Datasheet Get Quote
Description 2 x 50/125 OM3 Tight Buffered Duplex Zip Cord Fibre Optic Cable Aqua LSHF
No. Cores 2
Colour Aqua
Sheath LSHF
Fibre Grade OM3
Downloads Datasheet