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Composite Coaxial Cable

To meet the increasing demands for camera cables containing a coax with power and control cores for Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) or audio we are now stocking various types.

These can either be within one circular jacket for easy glanding or in a shotgun style with a web between the individual elements.

Please call to discuss your requirements and ask for details or samples of the current stock range.

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Part No.CoaxPower CoresSignal CoresConstructionOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
Composite Coaxial Cable
390059/2RG592 x 0.75mm² ShotgunPVC92.00 
390059/2DRG592 x 0.75mm² ShotgunPE-DUCT225.0010.3
390059/3RG59 B/U3 x 0.5mm² ShotgunPVC92.00 
3900592/2RG59 B/U2 x 1.5mm²2 x 0.22mm²CircularPVC185.0010.8
3900592/2DRG59 B/U2 x 1.5mm²2 x 0.22mm²CircularPE-DUCT225.0013.4
3900592/2HRG59 B/U2 x 1.5mm²2 x 0.22mm²CircularLSHF140.0010.8
390059H-SHOTGUNRG59 x 2  ShotgunLSHF102.00 
390059-SHOTGUNRG59 x 2  ShotgunPVC102.0011.0
391070/2URM702 x 0.75mm² ShotgunPVC98.00 
Door Entry Cable
DE12C17/0.15mm1 x 1.5mm² + 6 x 1mm²5 x 0.5mm²CircularPVC263.0012.5
DE5C17/0.15mm2 x 1mm²3 x 0.5mm²CircularPVC146.009.2
Composite Coaxial cables are part of the TruSecurity cabling range.
Please follow this link for more information and datasheets.