Building Management System Cabling
The smart way to a more efficient and sustainable building

BMS, also known as Building Control System (BCS), Building Automation System (BAS), and Building Energy Management System (BEMS/EMCS) is key to a building's energy efficiency and general usability.

This range of Building Management System (BMS) cables is used to connect the various components of a BMS system. BMS is a system that can be used to control and monitor the various mechanical and electrical services in a facility, such as power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, HVAC, lighting, access control, and security.

With a myriad of different systems available, many installers and designers are insisting on hard-wired systems for reliability and practicality. System manufacturers are increasingly standardising on cables designed to carry power and data in a single cable to make routing and installation quick and easy. With open protocols from organisations such as KNX and DALI, many systems will integrate seamlessly with a variety of manufacturers' equipment.

This extensive range includes products for all leading intelligent lighting and building control systems including Crestron, Loxone, Dali, Control4, Trend, Mode, Simmtronic, Velbus, LonWorks, and KNX.

Applications range from large offices, hospitals, prisons, and shopping centres, right through to residential dwellings and multiple dwelling units. The majority of the cables in this range use Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) to minimise risk in the event of a fire.

Benefits of using BMS:

  • Improved energy efficiency: A BMS can help you save energy by optimising the operation of your building's systems. For example, it can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in your building based on occupancy levels. This can help you avoid wasting energy heating or cooling empty spaces.
  • Enhanced comfort: A BMS can help you create a comfortable and productive environment for your occupants. For example, it can automatically adjust the lighting and temperature in your building based on the time of day and the weather conditions. This can help improve employee productivity.
  • Greater safety: A BMS can help you improve the safety of your building by monitoring for potential hazards and alerting them to you in real time. For example, it can monitor for fire and smoke, and it can automatically shut off utilities in the event of an emergency.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: A BMS can help you reduce maintenance costs by providing early warning of potential problems. For example, it can monitor the temperature and vibration levels of your equipment, and it can alert you to potential problems before they cause costly breakdowns.
  • Improved security: A BMS can help you improve the security of your building by monitoring for unauthorised access and intrusion. For example, it can monitor doors and windows, and it can alert you to potential intruders in real time.

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  • Tree-Cable-Designed-For-Loxone-System-Grid-Image
    Tree Cable & Jumper Wire Designed For Loxone System
  • Lighting-Control-Cable-Grid-Image
    Lighting Control Cable
  • KNX-Cable-Grid-Image
    KNX Cable
  • velbus-lighting-control-cable
    Velbus Lighting & HVAC Control Cable
  • Blind-Control-Cable-Grid-Image
    Blind Control Cable
  • Trend-Grid-Image
    Trend Cable
  • Simmtronic-Grid-Image
    Simmtronic Cable
  • Crestron-Grid-image
    Crestron Cable
  • dali-lighting-control-grid-image
    DALI Cable
  • Control4-Grid-Image
    Control4 Cable
  • Thorn-Grid-Image
    Thorn Cable
  • Outdoor-Garden-Grid-Image
    Outdoor Garden Lighting Cable
  • Echelon-LonWork-16AWG-Grid-Image
    Echelon LonWorks 16AWG Cable
  • Echelon-LonWork-22AWG-Grid-Image
    Echelon LonWorks 22AWG Cable
  • Alternative-to-Belden-8471-Grid-Image
    Alternative to Belden 8471 Cable
  • Alternative-to-Belden-5304FE-Grid-Image
    Alternative to Belden 5304FE Cable