TruAccessories covers a wide range of cable accessories and tools to help identify, connect, secure, and protect your cables.

Connectors, tools, cable markers, braided sleeving, cable ties, label printers and high-performance HDMI leads are all included in the range, designed for use on the Tru range of home automation and building control cables as well as many other cable types.

Included in the range is the Easi-Clip Clip-On cable markers and Easi-Lok cable marker kits, offered in a number of size and colour variations to suit your requirements.

Various braided sleeving products are also available to provide your cables with superior protection from moisture, dirt and more. A cutting tool designed specifically for sleeving is also offered.

The high-quality nylon cable ties manufactured from Nylon 6.6 and ranging from 2.5mm-7.5mm width can be easily installed by hand or using the cable tie tensioning tool. Perfect for securing cables, wires, pipes, and hoses in a matter of seconds.

Alternatively, for a tidy and safe solution to securing your cables, the reusable VELCRO® Brand cable ties, straps and tapes are stocked. Easy to install, a great option for temporary or permanent fixing.

The standard and Ultra-thin HDMI leads have been manufactured to ensure the best connection possible. Both types meet the current requirements for the HDMI standard, delivering full HD 1080p, 4K UHD & high-speed HDMI.

To complete the range, Cat 6 U/UTP LSHF Patch Leads and Cat 6A S/FTP LSHF Patch Leads are stocked in lengths from 0.3m to 20m in up to 10 different colours for easy identification. All feature an LSHF sheath with a latch protector and flush moulded boot to provided strain relief and prevent the RJ45 plug coming loose from the cable.

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