Telephone Cables

Reliable connections,
clear communication

Based on British Telecom (BT) designs for telephone cables, the CW range covers all common copper applications. CW1308 (Internal), CW1308B (External), CW1600, CW1128 and CW1198 telephone cables are included.

Internal telephone cables in PVC or Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) versions are stocked from 2-100 pairs. Cables to be run outdoors either through ducts or for direct burial are stocked alongside Drop wire for running between poles and buildings.

Should your specifications require telephone cables to meet European or ESI standards, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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  • CW1308-PVC-Internal-Grid-Image
    CW1308 PVC Internal Telephone Cable
  • CW1308B-External-Grid-Image
    CW1308B External Telephone Cable
  • CW1600-Grid-Image
    CW1600 Telephone Cable
  • CW1128-External-Grid-Image
    CW1128 External Telephone Cable
  • CW-1198-Armoured-Grid-Image
    CW1198 Armoured Telephone Cable
  • CW1411-&-CW1417-Grid-Image
    BT Drop Wire