Structured Wiring

Faster data, stronger connections
Upgrade Your Network with our Ethernet/LAN cables

All FSC Ethernet/LAN data cables use pure copper conductors, sized appropriately to ensure data transmission at rates equal to or higher than the relevant TIA standards. All test results are over the relevant standard distance (normally 100m including 10m of test leads) for example, be careful of suppliers that specify Cat 6 performance up to 40m. It may not work on longer runs due to lack of headroom.

The range includes Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, Cat 7A, HDBaseT recommended data cables, patch leads, and other structured wiring cables used for LAN and networking environments.

The external duct grade and armoured versions use full size conductors and are tested to the relevant standards for maximum distance, all backed up by datasheets and test certificates. Some types use the latest water blocking tape technology.

In addition, much of the range has also been tested and approved by the HDBaseT Alliance, ensuring they are suitable for the ever-growing requirement of home automation.

A variety of colours, screening and sheath options are available as well as various lengths to suit your installation needs. Bundled, composites and marine grade versions are also offered for convenience and the more demanding applications.

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