Security Cables

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Reliable security cables for access control, alarms & CCTV

FS Cables offer a comprehensive range of security cables for where home and building security systems require a clear, reliable signal transmission.

Integrated security systems encompass a wide array of applications, from burglar alarms, CCTV for video surveillance and remote access systems such as door entry and gate control. It’s vital that the cable doesn’t let you down when it comes to security systems. We offer an extensive selection of access control cables, alarm cables, CCTV cables and external grade or armoured cables.

Access Control Cables

Designed for proprietary access control systems, the FS range of access control cables comprises of high-quality alternative to genuine Belden cables with various pair and core counts, sizes, screening options and colours to suite your application. A composite access control cable, also know as ‘Purple Pipe’ is also available, ideal for use on BMS systems in public buildings, schools, government and local authority offices as well as commercial and retail buildings where security and safety are crucial.

Alarm Cables

Designed for connecting detectors, sensors, keypads and control panels, FS provide screened burglar alarm cable and unscreened burglar alarm cable in LSF or LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free), with PE duct grade and SWA armoured versions available for more demanding outdoor installations.

CCTV Cables

To meet the demands of CCTV cameras, the RG59 Composite cable contains coax with power and control cables for Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) or audio. Available in many variations including shotgun style, LSF, LSHF and PE duct grade.

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