High Temperature

Master the Heat
Your High-Performance Cable Solutions Partner

In demanding environments where temperatures rise, reliable cable performance is critical. Our comprehensive range of high-temperature and heat-resistant cables equips you to conquer even the most challenging thermal conditions.

Unmatched Adaptability with Silicone:

  • Dual Expertise: Silicone excels as both an insulating core and a durable sheath for multicore applications. 
  • Exceptional Flexibility: From frigid -50°C to searing +180°C, silicone cables maintain superior pliability across the spectrum. 
  • Scalability for Every Need: Available in single-core configurations up to 185mm² and multicore options reaching 25mm², these cables offer solutions for diverse thermal challenges. 

Precision Control with Thermocouples and More:

  • Unwavering Accuracy: Whether single or multipair, shielded or unscreened, solid or stranded, our thermocouples, compensating, and extension cables deliver precise temperature measurement in any configuration. 
  • Expertly Tailored Solutions: Our dedicated team partners with you to identify the perfect cable for your specific application and temperature requirements. 

Conquer Extreme Temperatures with PTFE and Beyond:

  • Unsurpassed Resilience: When standard cables falter, our PTFE cables stand strong, operating reliably up to 260°C. For even more demanding environments, the glass-braided G-Temp variant conquers temperatures of 750°C. 
  • Extensive Range, Flexible Installation Types: We offer a wide range of sizes and colours, with most cables available for immediate despatch or cut-to-length ordering. 

Don't let heat compromise your operation. Partner with us to unlock the power of high-performance cable solutions for your installations.

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  • SiD-Grid-Image
    SiD Cable
  • SiF-Grid-Image
    SiF Cable
  • SiHF-Multicore-Silicone-Grid-Image
    SiHF Multicore Silicone Cable
  • SiF-GL-Grid-Image
    SiF-GL Cable
  • SiF-HT-Grid-Image
    SiF-HT Cable
  • SiF-G-Si-HT-Grid-Image
    SiF-G-Si-HT Cable
  • SiHF-C-Si-Grid-Image
    SiHF-C-Si Cable
  • SiHFP-Grid-Image
    SiHFP Cable
  • P-Temp-260-Grid-Image
    P-Temp 260 Cable
  • G-Temp-600-Grid-Image
    G-Temp 600 Cable
  • PTFE-Cable-to-BS-3G-210-Type-A-Grid-Image
    PTFE Cable to BS 3G 210 - Type A
  • PTFE-Cable-to-BS-3G-210-Type-B-Grid-Image
    PTFE Cable to BS 3G 210 - Type B
  • PTFE-Cable-to-BS-3G-210-Type-C-Grid-Image
    PTFE Cable to BS 3G 210 - Type C