Apprenticeship Programme

FS Cables Apprentice Programme

The FS Cables Apprentice Programme is a Government approved initiative offering work based training designed around a specific job role. Each young apprentice spends time working in all areas of the company before returning to their host department. This allows them to experience each aspect of our operations first-hand and to see how each department can contribute to first-class customer service. 

The FS apprenticeship scheme offers school and college leavers the opportunity to learn key skills in office or warehouse environment as well as receive a recognised NVQ qualification. We’ve even extended it to include people that have some work experience but want to start a career with the appropriate support and training a proper apprenticeship can offer. 

The programme lasts 18 months and each apprentice studies for a NVQ level 2 at the same time. An external training provider provides support and assesses the trainee throughout the programme.

We aim to offer a mix of vocational and academic training which benefits the apprentice with real skills in the workplace, while the company benefits from an employee who understands how the business works and how they can better serve customers.

Apprentices as Ambassadors

A number of our apprentices have been chosen as ambassadors for the Apprentice Ambassador Network for Hertfordshire. 

As ambassadors, they will present their experiences of the programme with other young people, parents, teachers and employers, demonstrating the benefits the programme creates. Each apprentice shares ‘their story’ of how they have benefited from the apprentice program, with the audience asking questions about the experience.

As well as promoting apprentice programs locally, the ambassador program develops their own abilities in terms of presentation skills, team work, public speaking and preparation.

Local Employer

A recent visit from the Jobcentre commended our work, commenting that we were one of the largest providers of this scheme in the local area. When the latest apprentices complete the program and with plans to take on more, the apprentice route into employment at FS Cables will represent over 20% of the workforce.