FS Cables Joins CEDIA

Posted 12 October 2012

Tags: CEDIA Home Automation

FS Cables have joined CEDIA as a trade supplier.

CEDIA is a worldwide trade organisation for the home electronics industry and promotes professional standards around the design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern intelligent home.

This can include anything from multi-room audio and home cinema systems to complete home networks which control lighting, security, and HVAC. Joining CEDIA demonstrates FS Cables commitment to this fast growing sector. A number of products for home automation and building control are currently offered from stock including Cat-5/6/7 and the recently certified KNX cable

In addition, a range of high performance composite cables which contain multiple elements such as audio, data and HDMI transmission are now in the new ‘Little Red Book’. 

For more details visit www.cedia.co.uk