KNX Cable - Now Available to CPR Class Cca s1a, d1, a1

Posted 20 October 2021

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KNX Key Selling Points
The CPR class Cca KNX cable from FS Cables (also known as TP1 cable) features two twisted pairs of solid conductor with a foil screen and tinned copper drain wire with a distinctive Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) green jacket. It’s been tested and certified as being suitable for use in KNX systems and bears the KNX logo. A single pair cable, with a reduced outer diameter, is also available from stock, often used as a jumper or patch cable.

The LU approved KNX cable has passed the latest London Underground requirements and has been independently tested by the BRE-Global Ltd (Building Research Establishment). It can be identified by the white stripe over the green sheath. Also offered is a duct grade, armoured (SWA) and white version.

KNX is an open protocol, formerly known as EIB, allowing the operation and control of heating, lighting and air condition among others to be aligned with external climate conditions or adjusted by an interface to pre-set levels. KNX system providers can monitor or control every aspect of a building’s use of energy, making it more efficient and greener. Currently there are over 400 manufacturers producing products that will work together to provide a complete Building Management System (BMS).

When you are looking to buy KNX cable, look for the KNX logo. All KNX certified equipment has been tested and certified to meet this high standard and only equipment meeting this can carry the logo. This ensures the quality, reliability and guaranteed compatibility of all KNX devices and equipment.

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