The Little Green Book

Posted 27 April 2022

Tags: Tru Smart Home

As the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly dominates the way we live our lives the already vast number of “things” that are connected to the internet is growing exponentially. Real-world IoT examples include smart homes that automatically adjust heating, lighting, security systems, AV, kitchen appliances and more. Reliable cabling plays an important part in ensuring all of the “things” work effectively and efficiently.

With this in mind, FS Cables has a dedicated cabling guide “The Little Green Book” specifically for the home automation and building control sectors containing technical data for hundreds of high performance products. It’s a handy A5 size and packed with extensive product information and cable specifications so it’s the ideal companion for those involved in buying or specifying electric cables whether in the office or on site. 

FS Cables are a CEDIA trade supplier, a KNX Member and the creators or the Tru Cables brand. The range has been developed to bring you the ultimate level of connectivity and covers the most popular applications for integrating electronic systems into the home or building from AV, entertainment, building control to lighting and security solutions. Tru cables use only the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure high performance to make sure you get the most out of your equipment. Whether it’s fast, accurate data transmission for a whole home or building network or 4K UHD to a home cinema, Tru cables are the first choice in home automation wiring. 

The range consists of:

  • TruLAN – Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A & Cat 7
  • TruHD – HDBaseT Certified Cat 5E & Cat 6 & Cat 6A
  • TruSound – large range of round and parallel OFC speaker & audio cables
  • TruVision – CAI approved digital satellite WF100 & WF125
  • TruLighting – cables for Loxone, Mode, Control4, Crestron, Thorn, Simmtronic & KNX
  • TruSecurity – alarm, access control, door entry & CCTV security cables
  • TruOptic – singlemode (OS1 & OS2) and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4)
  • TruHome – composite and Multipair Cat5E & Cat 6 cables for complete home automation

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The Little Green Book

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