What Kind Of Terminator Are You?

Posted 27 April 2022


Shoal Group has introduced a series of “How To” videos to help achieve the perfect crimp, first time, every time.

In this first video we introduce Robbie Cross, who runs product and crimp training programs and is an expert in this field. Although many of the videos shown in this series show crimping with smaller wires and terminals, all the techniques discussed apply to all wires of all sizes, all types of conductors, and all insulation materials. These techniques also apply to all types of crimp terminals including Open barrel, Closed barrel, and Copper Tube type terminals. These techniques are not brand specific and apply to all types of these products from all manufacturers.

In the second video we show you the importance of correct wire preparation before completing a termination. Robbie also speaks about checking your work to ensure you have not damaged or removed any conductors. 

Products used in this video:

In the third video we learn how to correctly terminal a pre-insulated (plastic-grip) terminal with Robbie Cross.

Products used in this video: