Worldwide Deliveries

Posted 20 October 2021

Tags: Delivery Export

If you need cables delivered outside the UK, our dedicated export team at FSC is on hand. Offering a fast and comprehensive service, supplying you with export packaging, cables cut to length, essential paperwork and certificates. Dispatch by courier, air, sea, or road to be with you where & when you need it.

We are authorised by the Chamber of Commerce to produce all the export documentation such as Certificates of origin and EUR1’s, in house providing you with a fast and efficient service. From Marine, Oil & Gas to specialised solutions for energy, process control, transport systems and much more.

Export Packaging

Unlike other suppliers FSC provide export packaging as standard, it’s all part of the service. We will select the most appropriate option to ensure that your goods arrive in perfect condition regardless of how far they have travelled.

Export Documentation Service

The correct paperwork is vital for every export shipment, it’s no good having the products shipped on time then have them stuck at customs because you are missing vital documentation. At FSC we understand this and have over 10 years’ experience supplying the right paperwork to ensure your goods arrive on time every time. Our in house Export documentation service is available to produce a full range of certified Customs certificates and Letter of Credit documents to meet your needs including:

  • European Certificate of Origin
  • Arab-British Certificate of Origin
  • EUR1 Movement Certificate
  • SASO Certificate 
  • SONCAP Certificate
  • ATR Certificate
  • ISPM 15 Certificate
  • Airway Bill
  • Bills of Lading

Cut-to-Length Cables

FSC offer a cut-to-length service on many products. This means you only buy what you need, reducing both your costs and wastage.
Call +44 1727 849 841 and speak to one of the export team