Would You Like To Fix Your Cable Prices For 12 Months With Next-Day Delivery?

Posted 20 October 2021

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If you use cables in your design or application and would like to spread the costs throughout the year, reduce your stock holding and lower your operating costs - Call us today.

Whether it is a contractor who has limited storage on site and wants the cable delivered as and when required or an OEM customer who may require a regular amount of cable for a particular application, call-off orders are proving to be increasingly popular.

Call-off agreements have many benefits:

  • Prices fixed for 12 months or the duration of the agreement.
  • Volume discounts – even if the cable is called-off in relatively small amounts – cut to length.
  • Save on storage costs. Your cable is allocated and stored in our warehouse, delivered next working day.
  • No upfront payment – pay as you use.
  • Secure your stock and guarantee product consistency.
If you need a cable manufactured to your own specification or standard – talk to us. This can range from a printed or coloured jacket, right through to composite cables containing multiple elements of your choice. We’re also able to help you with over-sheathing or steel wire armouring (SWA) to an existing cable, with short lead times and quantities as low as 100m.

Having a particular cable available at the right place and at the right time is a must for many of our customers. Talk to our OEM team for more details about how the benefits of improved flexibility and cost savings by calling-off your orders could work for you.