FS Cables are certified under the ISO14001 framework for environmental management.

ISO14001 is an environmental management system aimed at reducing our environmental footprint through a range of measurable improvement actions.

It has helped us identify areas where our environmental footprint can be reduced.

We have introduced a number of measures ranging from setting up a recycling programme for office and commercial waste to car sharing and staff cycling to work.

We have switched all external lighting from linear tungsten lamps to LED which we estimate achieves an energy reduction of around 92%.

A large number of transactional documents such as invoices, statements and purchase orders are now being sent electronically providing a huge reduction in paper and postage as well as offering greater convenience to our customers.

Additionally, we are working with all parts of our supply chain to continue to reduce wastage and make improvements in packaging materials.

At FS Cables we believe our commitment to reducing our environmental impact provides not only environmental advantages but also benefits to our customers and suppliers.

Through reduced costs, reduced wastage and improved efficiencies we aim to continue to provide high levels of service, quality and delivery.

Crucially, by using FS Cables as a supplier, our customers are also able to demonstrate environmental compliance in their own supply chain.