Code: F1211

  • Fine tinned copper wire strands
  • Silicone insulation, glass fibre braid
  • Works at -50°C to +180°C
  • High voltage, highly flexible
Silicone insulated conductors offer you an economical solution to many temperature related wiring problems. Capable of working at extremes as far apart as -50°C right up to +180°C, silicone insulated cables have grown substantially in popularity.

Flexibility is retained even at very low temperatures where conventional rubber or PVC cable would become brittle and crack.

At high temperatures the cable performs normally. In the case of a fire, the silicone changes to form an insulating layer of SiO2 which, provided there is no movement, will maintain cable integrity in the short term. This is important in the event of a fire where equipment needs to be shut down, lighting maintained and alarm systems remain operational.

Silicone is relatively inert, that is to say it gives off minimal smoke or fumes when exposed to fire. Airports, hospitals, and other public buildings use silicone cables to wire alarm, lighting, and other essential services.

At high temperatures, applications include heating elements, lighting, manufacturing and food processing and for control circuits where heat is involved. At low temperatures silicone insulated cables are used in cold stores and refrigeration plants for lighting, portable equipment and motor feeds.

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Flexible tinned copper wire strands, class 5, silicone high voltage insulation, glass fibre braid, blue silicone sheath. 
Voltage Rating
Working: 16000V
Temperature Rating
Flexing: -25°C to +180°C
Static: -50°C to +180°C
Bending Radius
Flexing: 15 x cable diameter
Static: 7.5 x cable diameter
Current Rating: Refer to IEE Regs Table 4F2A&B
Conductor Stranding: To IEC 60228 Class 5 & VDE 0295 Class 5

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Code Description No. Cores mm² Colour Sheath Downloads
1 x 1.0mm² Silicone Single Core SiF-G-Si-HT Blue
1 1 Blue Silicone Get Quote
Description 1 x 1.0mm² Silicone Single Core SiF-G-Si-HT Blue
No. Cores 1
mm² 1
Colour Blue
Sheath Silicone
1 x 1.5mm² Silicone Single Core SiF-G-Si-HT Blue
1 1.5 Blue Silicone Get Quote
Description 1 x 1.5mm² Silicone Single Core SiF-G-Si-HT Blue
No. Cores 1
mm² 1.5
Colour Blue
Sheath Silicone