WRAS Approved Clean Water Cable - In Stock For Next Day Delivery

Posted 20 October 2021

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Designed for power and control of submersible pumps these WRAS approved cables are perfect for drinking water applications. These are jacketed using non-toxic and non-leaching cross-linked rubber, reducing the chance of aquatic bacteria or other micro-organisms forming, they offer a significant contribution to safety. But their uses don’t stop there, any fresh water, river, pond or stream is at risk from contamination, as are drinking fountains and food & drink manufacturing facilities. They are designed for permanent immersion and are non-toxic and waterproof.

What is WRAS Approval?WRAS Approved Logo

The WRAS, or Water Regulations Advisory Scheme exists to promote and ensure compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings Regulations) in England and Wales, and the equivalent Water Byelaws in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The WRAS also offers an approval system, which acts as a way for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products - such as taps, valves, boilers and even cables - comply with the regulations. Once submitted by the manufacturer, a product will only gain approval after undergoing rigorous mechanical and water quality testing by independent laboratories. The product may also need to meet certain installation conditions in order to obtain WRAS Approval.

Cables undergo testing to ascertain their effect on the water with which they come into contact. Some materials can give the water an undesirable flavour or odour, as well as causing cloudiness or discolouration. Others can impart toxic chemicals to the water, or create conditions that allow bacteria and microbes to flourish. Approval will only be given once it has been demonstrated that the component does not contaminate the water in any way.

FS Cables now hold in stock 4 Core 1.5mm², 4 Core 2.5mm² and 4 Core 4mm² options, avaliable cut to length for next day delivery.